InfoCare Practice Management Software for Ambultory Practices

* We will remotely install the software on a single PC or on a server for a one time cost of $495. *

* Use of the software with training, support and upgrades costs $105 per month or $1260 per year per provider. There is no limit to the number of users. *

* All electronic billing with direct connection to Medicare, Blue Shield, Medicaid and any other agency that accepts electronic claims directly. *

* For all participating commercial insurance companies send primary or secondary electronic claims to one of the largest clearing houses, EMDEON, without any per claim cost. *

* Our software is ready for ICD-10 as we have successfully tested with Medicare for service dates after October 1, 2015. *

* Do auto-posing based on electronic remittance advice. *

* Check for missing data before an electronic claim file is prepared. *

* Keep separate accounts for motor vehicle, workman's comp. or legal cases. *

* Set your own flags for patient accounts. *

* Add notes in ledgers by each claim or for the whole account. *

* Also keep separate notes for demographics and insurance. *

* Keep track of authorizations by numbers and/or expiration date. *

* Set patient reminders. Generate labels and/or reminder letters. *

* Includes IQScheduler. *

* Many practice analysis and patient listing reports. *

* Use controls for 46 different functions for access and security. *

Customizable Software Solutions

MU-2014 EHR

InfoCare PM

InfoCare EHR





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