VisiClaim-Direct CMS-1500 Data Entry Billing Software

In order to get paid from any insurance company for any medical or social service or DMEs, you need to submit the required data on a CMS-1500 form (insurance claim form). Therefore, anyone in the practice of providing these services either needs to know how to fill out this form or rely upon a billing person or an outside billing agency who knows how to fill out this form in order to get paid.

There are 33 boxes on this form and insurance companies tolerate little when processing these claims to determine whether to pay or not. Since a submitted claim contributes to your accounts receivables, (i.e., the value of service you have already provided and are now waiting for payment), it is in your financial interest that you keep track of these claims until the balance on each claim becomes zero. You keep track of it by making sure that the primary insurance, and secondary insurance, if any, have been paid. You also collect money from patient for co pay or what is not covered by the insurance.

VisiClaim has been designed (a) to help you fill out the CMS-1500 form, (b) send the claims electronically to the insurance companies, thus saving you paper and postage cost, (c) keep track of all your claims and (d) give you basic reports. In other words, it allows you to be on top of your billing very efficiently and very economically.

When you start VisiClaim software, you get a list of all your unpaid or outstanding claims. You can sort this list by claim date, claim number, patient name, insurance company and the insured's ID. So searching for any claim is very quick.

VisiClaim makes it very easy for you to fill out this form. VisiClaim's screen appears just like a CMS-1500 form with its pink and white boxes along with the reference number for each box. You move from one box to another by tabbing or simply by clicking your mouse in a box which you want to fill out.

If you have repeat clients or patients, VisiClaim creates a new claim based on that client’s previous claim with just a click. All previous claim's data gets carried forward and you may simply enter the new date of service. With only one piece of data entered, if everything else is the same, you have created an updated claim!

With HIPAA electronic billing, Medicare accepts any notes that you may want to send, explaining any service. VisiClaim will let you enter notes beyond Column (K) for each line in Box 24 on the CMS-1500 form.

You can print claims or elect to send them electronically.

VisiClaim also allows you to enter payments and adjustments and print a patient statement.

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